Michele Gentile

Director & Camera & Editor

Born in Tuebingen, germany in 1987, he went to live in Australia after his bachelor for one and a half years. Being called back to germany to serve in the army, he decided to use his service time to learn more about high-tech equipments and films. He was deployed in afghanistan as an intelligence officer. He constantly harboured the wish to go into film making. This is why he worked as a volunteer to rebuild Cinema Jenin in palestine which brought him in touch with Marcus Vetter.

Marcus Vetter

Producer & Director

He graduated in economics (1991) and media theory and practice (1994). Since 1994 he has been working as a tv editor, producer and director at ard/swr in Baden-Baden and Stuttgart. His Films have received attention at national and international Film Festivals and won numerous prizes, among which are 3 Adolf Grimme Awards - the german Oscar.

Aljoscha Haupt


Christian Haardt


Born in 1989 in Tübingen, Germany. Already during high school he participated in video projects for the Tübingen Regional Theatre and won his first award at the Stuttgart film festival. Upon graduating he travelled to Villa El Salvador, Peru to work as a volunteer and direct the documentary "The Quest". Back in Germany he participated in different film and theatre projects.